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Five Good Reasons To Use A Salvage Yard

by Konsta Latt

Many, if not most, Americans are unfamiliar with salvage yards. If they've thought about them at all, it's as a repository for discarded automobiles. While most salvage yards do have old cars, they offer a number of services and benefits to the average consumer.

Reasons to visit your local salvage yard

1. To find auto parts. While the cars at the salvage yard may not run, they offer a gold mine of functional auto parts. Most of these can be had for much less than you'd pay at the dealer or the chain auto parts store. If you have a vintage vehicle, a salvage yard may be the only place to find parts for your ride.

2. To recycle. Salvage yards will often take items that are otherwise difficult to discard, such as old appliances. Many such yards have the facilities or a contact to get rid of the toxic elements, such as freon, and recycle the metal. By taking your old refrigerator or air conditioning unit to a salvage yard, you're keeping it out of a land fill.

3. To find a classic car to restore. If you're an automobile enthusiast, you just might find that rare car that you can work to restore to its original glory. The advantage to picking up a discarded auto at a salvage yard is not only the low price, but also that the vehicle likely won't have any restoration work done, a big plus for car lovers who want all restorations to be authentic.

4. To make a few extra dollars. Most salvage yards will give you money for even small quantities of things like sheet metal, aluminum cans and copper wiring. This can help you pay for your remodeling project, while keeping your discarded building components out of the landfill.

5. To sell your own vehicle. If you're the type of car owner who drives a car until it simply won't go any further, you probably won't be able to trade it in at the car dealership. However, a salvage yard will probably offer you money for your old car, even if it doesn't run. They may even come pick it up.

While salvage yards may seem a little intimidating to the average consumer, they shouldn't. These businesses can help you save money on auto parts, give you a place to recycle your old car and appliances, and even help you earn a few extra dollars by selling old metal.