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Love To Race Your Car? Lowering Your Suspension Can Help Keep You Safe

by Konsta Latt

If you love hitting the racetrack or otherwise driving fast, you probably feel pretty comfortable behind the wheel. However, you have to think about how much more dangerous it can be to drive your car at faster speeds. Although following the regular safety tips -- like ensuring that you wear your seat belt and paying close attention while you are driving -- can help, it's also smart to consider making adjustments to your car. For example, lowering your suspension can actually help you drive more safely while racing or otherwise hitting higher speeds. These are a few reasons why.

Help Prevent the Risk of Rolling Over

Any car can be at risk of rolling over, particularly at high speeds and particularly when you take turns and curves. However, as a general rule, cars that are lifted higher off of the ground can be a higher risk of rolling over; in fact, this is why sports cars are typically close to the ground and why trucks and sports utility vehicles are often known for their likelihood of tipping over. If you lower your suspension, you can lower your car's center of gravity and help prevent it from rolling over when you're driving at higher speeds.

Improve Traction

Did you know that your car can actually stick to the road better if it's closer to the ground? Having better traction can help keep you safe while you are racing and is especially important if you will be driving at higher speeds when the road is wet due to rain or snow. This can make it easier and safer for you to drive and stop.

Make Handling Easier

Along with knowing that your car is less likely to roll over when you're driving at higher speeds, you're sure to notice that it handles differently after you have your suspension lowered. One difference that many people notice is that the car actually feels more responsive and more in control, which can make you more comfortable while you are driving, can provide you with confidence and peace of mind, and can help you do better in your races. Just make sure that you have the job done by a professional, however, since a car that is lowered too much can actually be more difficult to handle. Someone who is experienced in lowering the suspension on race cars can consider your make and model and help you determine how far to lower your vehicle.

As you can see, lowering your car's suspension can help keep you safe. Consider taking your car in to a professional to find out more about this improvement and the others that you can make to your car to make it safer and more enjoyable to race.

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