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Screen In Your Garage To Keep The Bugs Out

by Konsta Latt

The garage can become a universal area of the home. It can house your car, your sporting goods and even be transformed into an additional living area during nice weather. If you like to use your garage as an additional living space or to entertain, you may battle with insects like mosquitoes and bees. One way to make the garage more enjoyable to use with the door wide open filling the space with fresh air is by installing a garage door screen. You have a few options to consider and here you will learn what they are.

Quick Install Kit

One of the most affordable, easiest and fastest options is the quick install kits that you can pick up at your local home improvement store. This kit includes everything that you need to quickly enclose the garage with a giant screen. All that is needed is a roll of Velcro with adhesive backing and a large screen.

To install the screen, you simply have to clean the area around the garage door opening where the Velcro will be applied. Use mineral spirits or white vinegar to remove any residue that would prevent the adhesive from sticking. Then, after the area has dried, begin to apply the Velcro around the edges.

Once the Velcro is in place, the screen simply attaches directly to it and encloses your garage door.

For double-stall kits, the kits typically include two screens that are attached at the center using magnets. This gives you an easy exit right through the screen while keeping the pests out.

Retractable Roll-Up Screens

This option is a little more expensive than the quick install kits, but it will do a great job with keeping the pests out of your garage while looking nice for quite a while.

The screen is rolled on a long tube that is attached to the top of the garage opening. When you want to keep your garage door open but don't want the bugs coming in, you simply pull the screen down from the roller and attach it to a hook at the base of the door on the garage floor.

Think about how those old window blinds worked – you know the ones that rolled up and down with a gentle tug? These screens use the same concept.

Framed Screens

Framed screen enclosures are your most expensive option to consider, but they are a beautiful addition to any garage. These screens are built on a full frame to fit your garage door opening. They can either open up in the same manner as your garage door or slide to each side and fold into the garage or into pockets at the sides of the garage door.

These screens typically require professional installation, but are very nice because many of them include a screen door for you to enter and exit right through the front of the garage.

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