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Two Tips For Caring For Sliding Cargo Trays

by Konsta Latt

Buses and other large vehicles are often tasked with carrying large amounts of passenger cargo. While these vehicles are usually designed with storage areas, they may be difficult to reach. To help improve convenience and reduce the risk of back strain, installing Morryde sliding trays, from a company like Radauto, can be an excellent way of reducing these problems. However, this can represent a sizable investment in your vehicle, but you can use the following two tips to help get the most from this upgrade.

Lubricate The Rollers

The heart of almost any sliding tray system will be the rollers. These rollers make it possible to effortlessly move the trays despite the presence of heavy items. Unfortunately, the lubrication that allows the rollers to glide across the track can start to degrade as time passes. This is due to both normal use and the effects of humidity and temperature changes.

As a result, you may one day notice that the trays are getting more difficult to move. When this happens, you should attempt to add more lubricant to the rollers to correct the problem. This issue with the rollers is a progressive problem that will only worsen until corrective actions are taken. When applying lubricant to the rollers, make sure to only use a product that is recommended by the manufacturer. Applying an incorrect lubricant can cause the rollers to start to degrade.

Maintain The Carpeting

It is common for these sliding trays to be equipped with carpeting. While this may seem like it is only for aesthetics, the carpeting can actually provide valuable protection to the items that you are transporting. In addition to absorbing some of the vibrations from driving, the carpeting will also prevent the items from being scratched by the metal floor of the tray. Due to these benefits, you should make sure to regularly vacuum and wash the carpet. This will remove dirt and help to keep the carpet fibers soft.

Investing in Morryde sliding trays can be an excellent way to of improving your ability to reach items in the storage areas of your vehicle. To ensure that you are getting the most from making this upgrade to your vehicle, you should make sure to keep the rollers lubricated and the carpeting maintained. For those that struggle with remembering when to do these tasks, it may be useful to always inspect these components on the same day each month to make it easy for you to remember when to do these tasks.