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Car Transmission Went Bad? How To Know If You Should Replace Your Car Instead Of Repairing It

by Konsta Latt

If your car's transmission breaks down, this can be a very costly repair. Because of this, you may be having a hard time deciding on if you should have your transmission repaired or replace your car. If so, you should find the below information helpful when deciding on this.

Your Mileage

The average life expectancy on a car is 150,00 miles or 8 years. If your car is even close to this number, then it may be a better choice to purchase a new car instead of repairing the transmission. The average cost to replace a transmission can go up to $8,000.  This amount of money would be a great down payment on a new car. If you have low miles, you should consider having the transmission repaired or rebuilt.

Value of Your Car

Another thing to take into consideration is the current value of your car. In some cases, it would cost more to repair your transmission than what your car is worth. There are many car value estimators online to help you determine what it is worth.

Once you determine what the value if your car is according to these sites, you need to determine what the as is value is. This means your actual car may or may not be worth this actual amount. There is much more to take into consideration, such as if there is rust on the car or other body damage, or damage in the interior of the car the price of what your car is worth would go down.

Replacement Options

There are different transmission replacement options that may be much less money than repairing it. You can find used transmissions at a salvage yard that is considerably less money than a new one. You do need to make sure the car you remove the transmission from is fairly new.

Your vehicle manufacturer may have re-manufactured transmission that you can purchase for less money. You also need to take into consideration what the mechanic is going to charge you in labor. Compare the total of a replacement transmission to the costs of repairing it. This amount may be low enough that you would be better off keeping your car.

In some cases, problems you may be having with your transmission are easy to fix, such as if you are low on transmission fluid, fluid is ineffective, transmission fluid is leaking, or if your transmission is slipping. For this reason, make sure you take your car to a mechanic that is experienced working with transmissions. Contact a business, such as S & A Transmission, for more information.