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Trouble Starting Your Car? 2 Possible Solutions

by Konsta Latt

Dealing with car issues can be stressful, and you might not be able to figure out why your car is having problems. The following are 2 reasons your car may be causing you trouble, which may help you handle the issue quickly.

Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator

There are several compartments in your car that help it run smoothly, which is why it is hard to diagnose a problem. But it is usually wise to start with some of the compartments that you can fix easily without spending a lot of money. One of those compartments is the fuel pressure regulator.

This compartment helps regulate the amount of gasoline that enters your engine, which is important for precise combustion. So you should know the following symptoms that may be warning you of a bad fuel pressure regulator besides the obvious starter problem:

  • The oil dipstick might have a strong gasoline odor, which means the gasoline is seeping into areas it does not belong.
  • You might also notice gasoline dripping from your tailpipe, which is another sign that gasoline is seeping into areas it does not belong.
  • The improper amount of gasoline in the engine might cause black smoke to come out of your tailpipe.
  • Your vehicle might stall or hesitate from time to time when you press down on your gas pedal.

Chances are high that the issue you are having could be resolved by replacing your fuel pressure regulator, which is something you can do on your own.

The Fuel Filter

Another simple issue to resolve on your own is the fuel filter. The fuel filter helps catch any debris or grime that might have mixed with your fuel before it reaches your engine. This ensures that your engine runs smoothly and that debris does not harm the sensitive parts of your car. But this filter can clog up just like any other filter, which could lead to issues like starting problems or the following:

  • The car might have trouble responding to your power needs, which could feel like hesitation (especially when accelerating).
  • You may notice that your car performs well after achieving higher speeds and returns to poor performance when driving slower.
  • There may be excessive cloudiness coming from your exhaust pipe due to improper combustion.
  • You might notice that your car is idling erratically when you first turn the car on.
  • There is a slight chance that your car might sputter when driving slowly.

Your auto care specialist can confirming your suspicions and help replace the fuel filter with you if you want. But you may be able to solve the problems above on your own.

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